Syllabus for 2017-2018

Dear Parents and Students,

Below is the Syllabus for Spanish and it outlines important Expectations and procedures for this school year. Students from 4-8 have already received a copy of it and as a class we have discussed in further detail.  Students from k-3 received the information in class and parents may use this page for reference.  For any questions, please contact me.


Course Outline:

Welcome students!


It is an honor to be your Spanish teacher this school year and I look forward to a great year.  This course is designed to help you become a more proficient speaker of Spanish and have a better understanding and appreciation of other cultures where the second language is spoken.   With your hard work and dedication, you will become a very successful student in high school and college, a prepared professional, and a life-long learner.

Classroom Supplies K-3

  • Pencils
  • Loose leaf paper
  • Folder (specifically for Spanish)

Appreciated items: Ream of copy paper, glue sticks, crayons


Classroom Supplies 4-8

  • Pencils
  • Loose leaf paper
  • notebook (spiral or composition)
  • folder

Appreciated items: Ream of copy paper, napkins, disenfecting wipes




Classroom participation:  Raising your hand, answering a question, completing a partner/ group activity, are all examples of participation.  You are encouraged and required to participate a lot because it can help you clarify many questions you may encounter.  It is good to make mistakes so do not panic if you are mispronouncing something or if you are not understanding the material.  We are all learning including me! I am not perfect but with practice we can get better.


In class assignments:  To be a successful student in Spanish, you must complete all of the classroom assignments.  This means that if you are absent, I would suggest to gather notes from another student and complete assignments the following day after coming back.  You can always come and see me if you prefer. Turning in work LATE will result in points lost.  No LATE work after 2 days.


Quizzes/Tests:  There will be at least one quiz every other week on the material we have learned unless otherwise noted.  Quizzes may be written or verbal.  Tests will be given at the end of each quarter and I will provide a review on the material that will be covered.  If you are absent on a quiz day or test day, you must make make it up that same week.  NO EXCEPTIONS. 


Homework:  You are required to practice and review your notes on a daily basis.  I will let you know when you have written homework to complete and I will not accept any late work after the due date. 


Projects:  Each quarter we will work on a big project that includes reading and research on your behalf.   I will provide you with a rubric that you may follow.  Be prepared to present these projects to the class as well.


Exit ticket:  Towards the end of class, you will have a small number of questions to complete.  The objective of the exit ticket is for me to know if the classroom objectives of the day were met or if we need additional practice.


Communication:  Please never hesitate to ask for my help.  I am here to help you in any way possible.  Send me an email, meet me before or after school, or set up an appointment with me.  Ask for tutoring or get your group of friends and we can do a group tutoring if it is more comfortable with you. 


Bathroom: Absolutely no bathroom breaks during Spanish. NOTE: Unless it’s an emergency!


Absent: Come see me when you have been absent to receive your work. 




  1. 1.Listen and follow directions.
    2.Raise your hand and use the symbols before speaking or leaving your seat.
    3.Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
    4.Respect your classmates and your teacher at all times




  1. Verbal warning
  2. Separate from the group-time out
  3. Communicate with parent/guardian via phone or email
  4. Detention if necessary


I agree to have read and understood the rules, expectations, and consequences of this class. I also agree to follow and comply with all the rules as a Lenart student.





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Please return this bottom portion


I have reviewed the syllabus with my child and I am aware of the consequences that will take place if my child does not follow the rules of the class. Please return


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